I am a writer and researcher, working to uncover the secrets of the Golden Gate International Exposition (1939-1940) buried under Treasure Island’s 52 years as a navy base. I’ve established this blog to record my research, photography, and ideas. I’ve been officially involved with the Treasure Island Museum for a quarter of a century, entirely as a volunteer, an enterprise which has severely hampered my ability to get anything done that might advance my career as a writer, but which has, on the other hand, provided me with many opportunities which probably would not have arisen otherwise. First and foremost has been the opportunity to get to know and work with an extraordinary group of intelligent, creative, resourceful, and dedicated people, as well as to meet an extended community of people in an amazing variety of disciplines. I have participated in what we all hope is the eventual resurrection of the museum that we love and have nurtured through death throes and growing pains (in that paradoxical order). I have learned so much about island history that I give extremely informative, and I hope amusing, walking tours; I am always finding new areas of research which take me to the wonderful archives scattered around the Bay Area; and it seems that I am always developing a new theme for a presentation or tour. I know that I had a goal, twenty-five years ago, to write a book, and now that my family is growing up and my mind is becoming more organized, perhaps the time has come for me to do that. After all lesser people have managed to do so!

You can contact me by commenting on this blog, visiting treasureislandmuseum.org, the museum’s facebook page or my facebook page, or at ggie@treasureislandmuseum.org.

Photo: Me, a lawyer (I have forgotten her name), Dennis Elliott, and Dan Wortman, moving a quarter scale model of GGIE sculpture by Jacques Schnier, “The Orient,” from a home on Russian Hill to Treasure Island. Not pictured (because he was taking the picture): Michael Gray.

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